Features and Amenities

A World Class Fitness Experience.

We will feature state of the art exercise equipment, personal training programs, and fitness classes.

Led by qualified instructors, our group class offerings will include functional training, aerobics, core building, yoga, Zumba style dance, group circuit training, and indoor cycling.

We will have a spin studio with LED lights, a group fitness room, and a dedicated yoga room. Other amenities include tanning, onsite childcare, hydro-massages, a nutritious snack bar, a dedicated strength area, luxurious locker rooms, and personal training screenings and assessments.

Group Fitness Studio

We believe in the importance of the concept of communal solidarity – the reinforcement of behavior through group participation and group approval.


Our certified instructors will lead our group training with customizations to include beginner, intermediate and advanced members. The classes will be taught in the Group Fitness Studio with its own strength and cardio equipment.



We ensure results by measuring your progress and providing you with a top-of-the-line training facility as well as the opportunity to take advantage of nutrition and training programs catered to your needs.


Boasting over 30,000 square feet of gym floor space. Conveniently located on the north side of the Westfield Broward Mall in the former Sears location with easy access and ample parking.


The most advanced exercise equipment in South Florida. Amenities include a dedicated strength area to nail down your posing routine, strength equipment, and bumper plates for Olympic weightlifting.

Spin Studio

Our spin studio utilizes the latest in audio/visual technology. Featuring LED lights that are dynamically synchronized to the audio system.


Take our specially selected spin classes while riding on our high-quality, brand new Life Fitness IC6 bikes to get the spin workout of a lifetime.


Classes are led and instructed by a Certified Indoor Cycling or Spinning instructor to ensure proper bike set-up, technique, and to be able to cue the beginner, intermediate or advanced indoor cycler.